What does excessive exhaust smoke mean?

What does excessive exhaust smoke mean?If your car is emitting a lot of exhaust smoke there's a solid chance that the vehicle has suffered some sort of engine issue. If a vehicle's engine is not properly cared for, meaning it is denied scheduled maintenance such as oil changes and cooling system flushes, it will eventually bite the dust earlier than one that does have these services completed. Depending on the color of the smoke coming out of the tailpipe you can generally tell what kind of problem the motor is suffering from. It is necessary to have your car looked at by an auto mechanic as when you first notice an increase in the amount of colored exhaust in order to avoid more extensive engine trouble. These are the most common colors of exhaust smoke and the trouble that they may be a sign of.

Blue Exhaust

An oil leak that causes oil to be burnt up in the combustion chamber will result in blue exhaust smoke. This needs to be taken care of immediately because if the motor becomes starved of oil it will not be lubricated properly and it will likely result in massive engine damage.

White Exhaust

If your car is creating white clouds of exhaust smoke there is likely cooling system trouble. The white smoke is produced by coolant burning up in the engine. This can occur if there's an internal coolant leak within the motor. Cooling system problems may cause additional problems for the motor, including blown head gaskets or burnt piston rings. If the issue is not dealt with in a quick manner you may find your car in need of extensive and expensive engine repair on your hands.

Black Exhaust

A vehicle that produces excessive black smoke is likely burning too much gasoline. There are a number of issues that can cause this, which include:

  • leaking fuel injector(s) - Leaking fuel injectors can drip extra fuel into the combustion chamber.
  • stuck fuel pump relay - This is a rare problem but if the relay for the fuel pump is stuck in the "on" position it may feed extra amounts of gas to the engine.
  • bad o2 of MAF sensor - A bad oxygen sensor mass air flow sensor may result in the car burning extra fuel because it cannot properly calculate the correct air/fuel mixture needed to make the car run properly.
  • clogged air filter - Another less common problem is a clogged air filter. If the air filter is clogged the engine will not be able to produce the right air/fuel mixture and the car's computer system will compensate by burning extra gas.

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