Top Signs it is Time for Transmission Repair

Top Signs it is Time for Transmission RepairWhether you drive a manual, automatic or semi-automatic transmission vehicle you need to take care of the transmission by providing it with scheduled maintenance to ensure it can continue to properly perform for miles and miles. The transmission is tasked with transferring the power created in the engine to the wheels through a series of gears. The transmission is a highly intricate piece of machinery with many moving parts. If you experience any of the following signs of transmission failure do not hesitate to visit your local repair shop to have the issue repaired as soon as possible.

Grinding Gears

If you have trouble shifting it may be accompanied by the sound of metal grinding on metal. This may indicate that there is a lack of transmission fluid in the gears. However it can also be caused by worn gear teeth. If it is found that the cause is due to the latter you may need to have a transmission rebuild completed to restore its functionality.

Delayed Shifting

An automatic transmission that does not shift immediately, characterized by high revving from the engine between shifts, is likely suffering from low levels of automatic transmission fluid. You can try adding fluid to the reservoir to resolve the issue but be sure to inform your mechanic of the problem.

Pops Out of Gear

If you vehicle suddenly falls out of gear and into neutral (manual transmission) or shifts erratically between gears (automatic transmission) you will want to visit the mechanic right away. Not only is this a sign of transmission trouble but it is a serious control problem that can cause you to lose power to the wheels, which may result in an accident.

Whining Noise

Automatic transmissions are equipped with torque converters, which have a part in them called needle bearings. If these bearings begin to wear out the transmission will begin to create a whining noise.

Transmission Fluid Leak

Perhaps the most obvious sign of trouble is if you spot a red fluid dripping from your transmission. This is transmission fluid and without it your automatic transmission will not be able to operate.

At the first sign of trouble be sure to take your vehicle to a mechanic that can handle transmission services. For professional transmission repair in Katy, TX, reach out to the ASE certified technicians at Auto Check. Our team of expert auto repair techs will have you shifting smooth in no time. To schedule any sort of auto repair in Katy give us a call at (281) 815-2351 and we'd be happy to make you an appointment.

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