Top Causes of Auto Electric Trouble

Top Causes of Auto Electric TroubleAs much as our vehicle's rely on fossil fuels to run, they also utilize another source of power for many of their operations. Electricity is continuously flowing through your vehicle to operate everything from the headlights to the infotainment system in the dashboard. And no, we aren't just talking about hybrids. Gas and diesel powered cars and trucks utilize electricity to ensure safe, comfortable driving. Electricity provides the charge to the spark plugs to create the tiny explosion that ignites the air/fuel mixture in gas powered engines to make the vehicle run! But, as with any system, things can go haywire, causing major vehicle problems and inconveniences. Here are four common problems with auto electric systems.

Dead Battery

The source of all electric power when the vehicle is off is the battery. Over time it will need to be replaced but they generally last three years or more depending on driving habits and the type of battery used. However they can also die if lights are left on or some other accessory is ran while the vehicle is off. When the car is running the alternator provides electricity to most electrical components, as well as charging the battery. If your battery dies for one of the latter reasons your car won't start and will need to be jumped, but it will quickly be recharged as you drive.

Stuck Relay

Relay switches are what control the flow of electricity to certain parts of the car, such as the cooling fan or fuel pump. They generally work automatically and only turn on when they are needed, but if a relay gets stuck in the on position electricity will continue to flow, even when the vehicle is off, draining your battery and possibly ruining the part of the car receiving power.

Bad Alternator

The alternator provides electricity for the vehicle as the engine is running and it also charges the battery so that you can get your car started the next time you turn the car off. If the alternator fails your battery will be drained as it strains to power all the electrical components in the car. Signs your alternator is going out includes low or flickering headlights, trouble starting and accessory failure.

Blown Fuse

One of the most common electrical problems is a blown fuse. This problem is characterized by the loss of a single system, such as power windows or mirrors or if all your blinkers quit working. Fuses receive the electricity from that is needed for the system to work when they are activated and then distribute the correct amount of power. If a fuse blows it means the circuit is broken and the operation you're trying to complete won't happen.

If you're experiencing auto electric problems be sure to reach out to a mechanic before the problem causes other issues. For expert auto electric repair in Katy head to Auto Check. Our team of knowledgeable auto repair technicians can handle all types of services, including electrical repairs. With access to the latest diagnostic equipment we can pinpoint problems fast! Call Auto Check at (281) 815-2351 to schedule professional auto repair in Katy today.

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