Top Auto Electric Problems

Top Auto Electric ProblemsDid you know that your car utilizes electricity to power a number of its systems and parts? That's right, it isn't just gasoline that moves your vehicle, and we aren't talking about hybrids. Electrical power is created by the alternator and stored in the battery, and is utilized by everything from the headlights to the power windows. If you experience odd occurrences, as described below, it is likely that your vehicle is in need of auto electric repair.

Dead Battery

The most common auto electric issue is a dead battery. Batteries can be drained of their power if electrical components, such as lights or the radio, are utilized when the engine is not running. If the battery dies in a situation like this it will prevent your car from starting, fortunately it can generally be jump started and the alternator will recharge it. Batteries do need to be replaced at the end of their lifespan though, which can vary in time based on the brand your car uses, but is often between two and five years.

Failed Alternator

The alternator is what produces the electricity that your vehicle needs to operate. It uses the motion of the engine to produce the power. Signs of alternator failure include a radio that does not work correctly, flashing or dim headlights, or trouble operating other electrical accessories, such as power seats.

Blown Fuse

If an entire system suddenly stops working, such as all of your blinkers, or both your headlights, it is very likely that your car has blown a fuse. A fuse is used to ensure an electrical system is not overloaded with electricity, as this can cause damage to wiring or the actual part. If too much electricity is sent toward the system the fuse will blow, preventing the electricity from reaching the component. Fuses are generally simple and inexpensive to replace.

Stuck Relay

Many parts use a relay system that turns them on or off. If the relay becomes stuck in the "on" position it can damage that particular part and drain the battery. For example, if the fuel pump relay is stuck on, the pump will continue to draw electricity and fuel to it from the gas tank, even when the car is turned off.

If you notice any electrical issues with your car be sure to visit a local auto repair shop right away. For expert auto electric repair in Katy head to Auto Check. We strive to provide the highest quality auto repair for all makes and models. At the first sign of trouble give us a call at (281) 815-2351 to request auto repair in Katy or the surrounding area.

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