3 Signs it may be time for exhaust repair

3 Signs it may be time for exhaust repairThe exhaust system does a lot more than just route exhaust gases from your vehicle's engine to the back of the car. It also prevents harmful fumes from entering the passenger cabin all while working to increase performance and reduce engine noise. At least, that is what it is suppose to do, sans leaks. Leaks in the exhaust mean the engine will have to work harder and it puts your personal health at risk. If you experience any of these signs of an exhaust leak contact your local auto mechanic to have the issue resolved right away.

Decreased Fuel Efficiency

Many things can cause a decrease in fuel efficiency, so if you ever notice a drop in your MPGs it is important to visit the auto shop for proper diagnosis. An exhaust leak can cause a decrease because it can alter the readings of the oxygen sensor. This sensor helps regulate the air/fuel mixture that the engine uses to operate and incorrect readings from this sensor can cause the engine to run rich, meaning it is burning excessive amounts of gasoline. To figure out why your MPGs have dropped be sure to visit a professional auto shop right away.

Increased Engine Noise

The first thing that you will likely notice if your car sprouts an exhaust leak is an increase in engine noise. Fast moving air escaping from a small hole can cause a loud rumbling noise. Common spots for a leak include the exhaust manifold and anywhere there are joints along the exhaust system. A leak at the manifold cannot only increase engine volume, it will possibly allow harmful fumes to access the passenger cabin via heat and AC vents, putting you at risk of being poisoned by the dangerous gasses. The increase in noise will be most noticeable during rapid acceleration, such as when speeding up to get on the highway.


If you notice your gas pedal or your steering wheel vibrating as you accelerate there's a good possibility that your car has an exhaust leak. Even a pinhole leak can cause your car to shake as air rushes through the hole. Be sure to get the vibrations diagnosed because as mentioned, exhaust leaks are not just bad for your car but they can be extremely dangerous to your personal health.

If you notice any of these symptoms it is necessary to take your car to an auto repair technician right away in order to ensure you are not at risk of inhaling the toxic fumes and of course so your car's engine can operate correctly. For expert exhaust repair in Katy visit the professional mechanics at Auto Check. Our auto repair shop is capable of solving the toughest issues with any car or truck. Give us a call at (281) 815-2351 to schedule superior auto repair in Katy today!

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