Do I Need Alternator Replacement?

Do I Need Alternator Replacement?It is important to remember that your vehicle does not just run on gasoline. Many of its accessories and systems utilize electricity in order to operate. That electricity is generated by the alternator, which is connected to a belt that is spun by the motion of the engine, which in turn creates electrical power that is stored in the battery. If the alternator fails it was result in a vehicle that will not be able to start. However, you may run into several issues prior to it getting to that point. These are for common signs of impending alternator failure.

General Electrical Failures

The alternator is responsible for powering many different systems while the vehicle�s engine is running. This includes the air-conditioning, power windows, power seats, and the radio. If any of these systems, or all of them at once, seem to be having difficulty operating or will not operate at all there's a good chance that the alternator is not able to produce enough power. Anytime you have electrical trouble be sure to head to a repair shop that can handle the issue.

Flickering Headlights

Another common sign of upcoming alternator issues can be seen in the form of light. The alternator is responsible for powering the headlights while the vehicle is moving. If the headlight seem to be rather didn't come out or flicker on and off, you can bet on a failing alternator.

Slow Engine Crank

Because the alternator is responsible for providing the electrical spark and power necessary to get the engine started it may cause your engine to crank very slowly when you first try to start it if it is on its way out. However, there are a few other issues that may cause this problem, so it's important to visit the auto mechanic in your neighborhood to receive a proper diagnosis.

Dead Battery

Perhaps the most obvious sign of alternator failure is a battery that continuously dies. If you're positive you're not leaving the headlights on or running other accessories while the engine is not running you can be sure that the alternator is likely at fault for causing the battery to die. This is because the alternator is what creates the electricity within the vehicle which is then stored inside the battery. If it is no longer producing electricity the battery will quickly be drained of its power and die, resulting in a vehicle that will not be able to start.

The alternator is a very integral part of your vehicle and responsible for many actions. If you run into any of the above troubles do not hesitate to visit a local auto mechanic that can replace it for you. If you believe that your car may need alternator repair in Katy, TX head to Auto Check. Our expert auto repair technicians will conduct accurate diagnostics to get to the bottom of the trouble your car is having. To learn more or to schedule an appointment for professional auto repair in Katy give us a call at (281) 815-2351 today.

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