Why does a check engine light turn on?

Why does a check engine light turn on?While you might be alarmed by a check engine light turning on, this isn't something that necessarily means that disaster is near. Nonetheless, it's best to take the proper precautions and get to a shop that uses advanced computerized diagnostic equipment so that the issue can be quickly pinpointed and fixed. Here's a look at six common reasons that a check engine light turns on.

Failing Ignition Coil

A healthy ignition coil plays a crucial role in generating the spark required for your engine to fire up on all cylinders. Extreme weather can cause ignition coils to fail, as can standard wear and tear.

Bad Mass Air Flow Sensor

This part monitors incoming air and then makes a determination on how much fuel to inject with it. If this is the source of your check engine light coming on, you won't take too hard of a hit in your pocketbook.

Faulty Catalytic Converter

This, on the other hand, can result in a significant expenditure. Regardless, it's a repair that you'll need because of the important job of the catalytic converter, which is to turn carbon monoxide into an emission that isn't as damaging to the environment.

Failing Oxygen Sensor

This keeps tabs on the quantity of unburned oxygen is in your vehicle's exhaust system. Trouble with your oxygen sensor can lead to decreasing gas mileage, as well as issues with your catalytic converter.

Bad Battery or Charging System

A faulty battery can result in low voltage at the computer and consequently trigger the check engine light.

Loose or Broken Gas Cap

You'll probably feel pretty lucky if this is all that is causing it. If a gas cap isn't tightly sealed, gas can evaporate before you even get the chance to use it.

If you're in need of check engine light diagnostics and repair, be sure to visit a reputable shop. For superior check engine light repair in Katy, TX, visit the team at Auto Check on Kingsland Blvd. Our auto repair and engine diagnostics experts will have your car running great in no time. Give us a call at (281) 815-2351 to schedule your next appointment for auto repair in Katy or the surrounding area.

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