Does my Car Need Cooling System Repair?

Does my Car Need Cooling System Repair?The cooling system consists of the radiator, fan, thermostat, water pump and belt and a series of hoses through which the coolant, aka antifreeze, flows through. This system is designed to regulate the operating temperature of the engine, ensuring that it literally does not melt itself from within. If you run into any of the following problems be sure to head to a repair shop for proper diagnostics and cooling system repair.

Rising temperature gauge

A rising engine temperature gauge on your dashboard will often be your first indication that there is a problem with cooling system. If this gauge begins to read in the red zone don't hesitate to pull over to let the motor cool.

Smoke pouring from under the hood

If you're driving down the street and notice white steam or smoke coming from under your hood be sure to pull over as soon as it is safe and legal to do so. This is an indication that the coolant is boiling and the engine is heating up to dangerous levels. Give your vehicle a rest and call your mechanic for further instruction.

Low coolant levels

On occasion you should check the fluid levels of your vehicle. This includes the transmission fluid, engine oil and of course the coolant. If it is found that your coolant level is low the vehicle has either sprung a leak or it is burning the fluid up in the combustion chamber. If it is the latter you'll likely encounter the next problem as well.

White exhaust smoke

Coolant being burnt up in the engine will cause your vehicle to produce puffy white cloud of exhaust smoke. This could be more than a cooling system problem though, as it may mean you need larger engine repair.

Visible coolant leak

Coolant generally comes in a bright green color. However it may also be pink or yellow, depending on the brand that you use. If you find this liquid collecting under your vehicle in the driveway you'll want to visit your mechanic as soon as possible to prevent further engine damage.

At the first sign of cooling system trouble be sure to get to your prefered mechanic. When it comes time for cooling system or radiator repair in Katy visit Auto Check. Our full service auto repair shop is staffed by expert techs who will get you back on the road fast, no matter what issue your vehicle is having. Give us a call at (281) 815-2351 to schedule your next appointment for auto repair in Katy.

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