Do I Need Suspension Repair? 4 Signs that Mean Yes

Do I Need Suspension Repair? 4 Signs that Mean YesThere are many different systems in a vehicle that work together to create a comfortable, safe and easy to operate ride. The suspension system is one of the most important systems, as it has a hand in each of these tasks. If you ever believe your suspension is giving you any sort of trouble be sure to head to your local auto mechanic shop right away to have it resolved. Without healthy suspension you will find you car rides to not only be very uncomfy, but also difficult to control!

What does the suspension do?

The suspension has a few important tasks. First of all it is designed to create a comfortable ride by absorbing all the bumps and cracks of the road. However, aside from making your ride more enjoyable it makes it much more safe. The suspension also ensures that all four wheels remain on the ground all times, which allows adequate braking power any time you need it. The suspension is also designed to prevent your vehicle from rolling over or spinning out during cornering. For these reasons it is important to maintain a healthy suspension system. The following troubles need to be addressed right away!

Oily struts

If your ride seems to be a little stiff you should run your hand over the struts to see if you can detect any oil on them. Struts use a specialized oil to help absorb imperfections in the road, allowing your ride to be as if you're floating on air, well that's the idea at least.

One corner seems low

If you notice that one corner of your vehicle seems to be lower than the rest but all of the tires are properly inflated you can bet on some sort of suspension failure. It is likely that the strut has given up and collapsed on itself. This issue needs to be addressed because it will cause the vehicle to drift during driving, which is a major control problem.

Bounce test

If you suspect suspension trouble push on the hood or trunk of your vehicle several times to get it bouncing up and down. Once you stop pushing the vehicle should return to its normal ride height and stop any motion within 3-4 bounces. Any more than that and there's a good chance of suspension issues.

Roll over feeling

Perhaps the most gut-wrenching symptom of suspension trouble is a roll over sensation that occurs during cornering. This may mean the anti-sway bar, which shifts the vehicle's center of gravity while cornering, has failed and likely needs to be replaced.

In order to maintain a safe ride always be sure your suspension is operating properly. If you need suspension repair in Katy or the surrounding communities be sure to bring your car to the ASE certified technicians at Auto Check. We will complete expert diagnostics and auto repair on your car, ensuring it is safe and reliable. To learn more about our full service Katy auto repair shop or to make an appointment call (281) 815-2351 today!

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