5 Times You Should Head to the Auto Repair Shop

5 Times You Should Head to the Auto Repair ShopWhen it comes to overall vehicle health it all starts with keeping the engine running right. With routine maintenance this shouldn't be any trouble, but from time to time you may run into some sort of issue that causes your car to be sluggish or run in an otherwise poor nature. The following 5 signs of engine trouble can have numerous underlying causes, so it is important to get to an auto shop for proper engine diagnostics as soon as the problem is noticed.

Decreased MPGs

If your engine is having trouble operating you will likely find yourself spending more time at the gas pump then you used to. This is because it takes more gas to operate an engine that is not performing optimally.

Lack of power

Perhaps one of the most common signs of trouble is a major lack of power from your engine. You may find it difficult to accelerate to highway speeds or to maintain speed while cruising down the street.

Excessive exhaust

Excessive exhaust not coming from your tailpipe generally indicates major engine damage. Depending on the color you can often diagnose the type of trouble you are having. Blue spoke represents an oil leak that is allowing the oil to be burned in the combustion chamber. White smoke is an indication of a coolant leak inside the motor, and black smoke means that too much gasoline is being used to operate the engine. Each of these issues represents major problems that need to be addressed right away.

Strange noises under the hood

Knocking noises coming from under the hood that occur while you operate your vehicle generally indicate worn out engine bearings. These bearings are what the moving parts of the engine rely on in order to keep spinning and pumping. They will wear out due to high mileage or improper lubrication.

Check engine light

The check engine light will illuminate if the sensors in your vehicle catch something not working properly. This could be something such as a poor air and fuel mixture being created or a more extensive problem such as a bad catalytic converter.

At the first sign of trouble make sure you take your vehicle to a qualified auto repair shop to have a technician inspect and repair the issue. For professional auto repair in Katy, TX visit Auto Check. Our team of expert, ASE certified technicians will have your vehicle running great in no time. Give us a call at (281) 815-2351 to schedule superior auto repair in Katy today.

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