5 Myths About Auto Repair & Maintenance - Debunked

5 Myths About Auto Repair & Maintenance - DebunkedOver the years there have been plenty of myths that float around regarding the way automobiles are serviced, driven and repaired. The thing is, they're myths, and that's it. Here's the short, by keeping up with your car's maintenance needs and paying attention to and resolving problems, you can keep your car running great for years on end. If you've heard any of the following auto maintenance myths, just know that your car's owner's manual has the answer.

Premium gas will improve performance

High octane gas isn't going to improve fuel efficiency or give you more power if your car isn't designed to burn it. Premium gas is necessary in high compression engines that burn hotter, such as one that is turbo charged or has other performance parts installed. If your car doesn't need it, you're simply wasting money at the pump.

Coolant should be replaced during oil changes

If a technician asks if you want to replace your coolant, air filter or any other part while completing an oil change, refer to your service manual to see if you're actually due for service. These parts are often add on services that chain shops are likely to try and charge to unsuspecting drivers. They are needed nearly as often as oil changes.

Oil additives extend engine life

If you are conducting oil changes at the required interval of your vehicle's engine, then there is no reason to put anything extra in your car. Routine oil changes provide the protection necessary to keep your car running as designed. Just be sure that you're using the proper oil, as some cars, many new ones, require full synthetic.

It's necessary to warm my car up

If your vehicle doesn't run correctly as soon as you start it up, then you need to visit the shop. You should be able to turn the key and go in any modern automobile.

The check engine light will turn off

If the check engine light has come on, it isn't going to turn off, and the problem certainly won't correct itself. Head to an auto repair shop for proper diagnostics. Many issues that trigger the light are pretty small, but will grow much worse if they're left unchecked.

At Auto Check we make it a point to fully explain any and all services that we complete on your car, with an explanation of why they're necessary. We never want to leave you in the dark and we'll never charge your for a service your car doesn't need. When it is time for auto repair in Katy, come see our ASE certified auto repair technicians. Using the latest diagnostic and repair equipment we can handle any and all problems a vehicle may face. To schedule superior auto repair in Katy, give us a call at (281) 815-2351 today.

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