Does My Car's Starter Motor Need Replacement?

Does My Car's Starter Motor Need Replacement?Your vehicle's starting system is very intricate and in order to get the engine fired up many things must happen. Basically, when you turn the key an electrical pathway is created that allows power to flow from the battery to the starter motor, which then actuates its pinion gear that connects with the flywheel. It then spins the flywheel which causes the pistons to move up and down. An electrical charge from the ignition coil is sent to the spark plugs which ignites the air and fuel mixture that is created in the combustion chamber thus creating the small explosions that keeps the vehicle running on its own.

If any part of the starting system fails, including the starter, alternator, battery, ignition or fuel system the car will be unable to start. Judging by the symptoms of what happens when you turn the key you can often determine what the problem is. If the starter motor is the issue you will generally hear strange noises. These are four common sounds that you'll notice should you need starter repair.

Clicking noise

The most common symptom that a starter motor will issue if it is in distress is a loud click or a series of clicks then the key is turned. This is the sound of the starter actuating but not connecting properly with the flywheel. This often results in a need for a replacement starter motor.

Soft buzzing noise

If there is electrical trouble with the starter you'll often hear a buzzing noise when trying to start the car. This is the sound of electricity flowing to the starter, but it usually means there is a poor connection at the starter motor that is preventing it from getting the electrical juice it needs to actuate and spin.


If you hear a whirring or swishing noise it means that the starter is actuating and spinning, but it is not connecting with the flywheel and spinning on its own. In this case the starter solenoid may need to be replaced.


It is possible that the mounting bolts could come loose, which would cause the starter to improperly connect with the flywheel, thus causing a grinding noise. This sound could also indicate that there is missing gear teeth on the pinion gear or flywheel.

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